Who are we?

Based in Manchester, we are the research team at Manchester Metropolitan University (MMU). Our research interest focuses on investigation and design of modern diagnostics system for machines and operating plants. We are active and eager to keep our R&D pace on the edge of technology, which we believe that it is the effective way to find efficient solutions for global engineering challenges.

Who are we?
Our team

Our team has experts and resources to tackle wide range of engineering challenges. Each member has the ability to carry out their work independently while being effective in team working. We are ready to demonstrate our capability in global competitions.


Our projects involves in multi-disciplinary engineering problems. Major scopes include digital signal processing, energy harvesting and intelligent diagnostics system. Their respective applications are: renewable and hybrid power systems, oil and gas engineering solution, automotive and rail system and aerospace engineering.

Our services

We provide different consultancy services and engineering solution to public and private sector organisations. To be competitive, our team are equipped with professional information and resources to tackle various engineering problems. We convey only what is necessary which avoid redundant cost and communication overhead.